About Us

Our Mission

Here at Margarets Place, our mission is to offers a clean, safe, secure and fun senior center that encourages activities, socialization, independence and enhanced community connectedness in an effort to prevent depression, decrease feelings of isolation and increase quality of life for mature adults. Our mission is to duplicate the caring atmosphere of your home in our establishment. We aim to make sure that our seniors have a wholesome and enjoyable day at Margaret’s Place every day. We promise that when you are at Margaret’ s Place you will feel right at home.

Where Family Welcomes You Home!

Here at Margaret’s Place, we help our participants receive the best of both worlds. They can stay with us for the day in a comfortable living space with several amenities and activities, then come home to their loved ones at night. Even in the sunset of life when daily living at home can be difficult for a senior individual, we provide them the care and support they need: a healthy meal, companionship, afternoon activities and so much more.

We make daily activities simple and enjoyable for our participants: our amenities enable opportunities for socialization and independence. You can trust that our staff members will provide a memorable an unforgettable experience with every day for our participants. While in our facility, our participants enjoy the attention they are given. Our staff is trained to be patient and become lively companions to our participants. At Margaret’s Place we are all about independence. Our direct care staff is trained to encourage our participants to make their own choices and to be independent when possible. We know it’s important to our participants to have their independence and we respect that.  We promise to maintain a clean, safe and fun environment for our seniors. We are confident when we say... you’ve found the right place!